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The Content Problem: Webmasters are constantly challenged to find fresh, interesting content that is easy to implement and maintain. Cost can become a serious factor as the costs of "daily" content continue to escalate.

The Promotion Problem: With websites costing thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to develop, the most serious problem facing a websites success is promotion. An advertising campaign can add thousand of dollars to the cost of having a web presence. Small web sites can't pay for advertising, and so they will seek out Free alternatives.

Solution: ComicExchange provides a solution to both problems in a convenient package. With the implementation of easy to use HTML implants, ComicExchange delivers ever changing comic strip content directly to a website every time a viewer drop by.

With a host of cartoonists submitting on a daily basis, web viewers will see fresh content page and again. Even if they reload the page, they will see a fresh comic strip every time.

If you think about how in printed magazines a simple little corner comic strip attracts you eye all the time. You almost always read the strip, it holds your attention and that's the whole idea. By putting comic strips on you website, viewers will stick around. The comic strip will give you just a little more time with your viewer. And that's what you need...

The best part is yet to come. When your viewers refresh your pages to see more and more comic strips, the more advertising credits you get on the CE network. For every 2 times a CE ad banner is shown on your site, you get 1 ad credit on the CE network. We start you off with 1,000 ad credits and your site add to that. You can always buy more credits.

So ComicExchange provides you tremendous value. Free ever changing content and Free advertising and promotion. We also have a talented stable of artists always interested in developing graphic content privately.

So jump in. ComicExchange is about fun and the web needs to be a little bit less serious.